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S&P Asphalt reinforcement

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S&P Asphalt reinforcement

Fibre reinforcement grids for asphalt surfaces

The pre-bituminised S&P asphalt reinforcement grids S&P Carbophalt® and S&P Glasphalt®, made of carbon and/or glass fibres, are used to prevent cracking and crack reflection, thereby increasing the bearing capacity and the durability of bituminous surfaces.

  • Pre-bituminised asphalt reinforcements grids made of glass fibres (S&P Glasphalt® G)
  • Pre-bituminised asphalt reinforcements grids made of carbon fibres (S&P Carbophalt® G)
  • Installation aids and technical support
  • Installation service
  • Durable and economical road rehabilitation system
  • Increases the load-bearing capacity, minimises cracking and prevents crack reflection
  • Significantly longer life expectancy
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs

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