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Structural reinforcement with fibre composites

S&P Resin 230 HP

S&P Resin 230 HP levelling mortar is a solvent-free, thixotropic, grey 3-component epoxy based mortar with an inert quartz sand filler component. It is a class R3 mortar.


S&P Resin 230 HP

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  • Thixotropic, enables application of thick layers
  • Hardens with minimum shrinkage
  • Solvent-free
  • High mechanical strength
  • Stickiness-free hardening, even when there is high air humidity
  • Rapid strength developing
  • Convenient pot life

Consumption: approx. 2.05 kg/m² per mm layer thickness


  • To level out uneven surfaces
  • Material characteristics of the fresh and hardened adhesive are designed specifically to satisfy the special requirements of the S&P structural component reinforcement system


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