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Welcome to S&P Denmark

Welcome to S&P Denmark

Welcome to S&P Clever Reinforcement Company

S&P is a leading company in the field of building reinforcement and offers system solutions for retrofitting existing structures made of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, wood and bituminous pavements.

The S&P engineering department helps to make optimal use of the comprehensive product range.

Weaving machine - S&P Glasphalt® G production

Our solutions have been extensively tested in numerous research studies at renowned universities and institutes. They are adapted to the specific requirements of the most diverse fields of application.

S&P reinforcement systems are made of different rovings (carbon, glass, aramid and polyester). S&P has developed static design software for engineering offices and planners, which is available on request (see "Software"). Specialized end processors trained by S&P guarantee high-quality processing of S&P reinforcement systems.


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